Severed heads - gashing the old mae west

In Brazil, an alleged gang member was beheaded by members of a rival gang (PCC?) in a wooded area. The killers decapitated him by chopping into his neck with a curved blade agricultural tool that looks like a sickle. My understanding is that the knife is used for cutting sugar cane and banana trees with. … Continue reading “Brazilian Gang Member Beheaded by Rival with Cane Knife”

Best Albums of   1986 1. The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths 2. Master Of Puppets by Metallica 3. Graceland by Paul Simon 4. So by Peter Gabriel 5. Skylarking by XTC 6. Licensed To Ill by Beastie Boys 7. Lifes Rich Pageant by . 8. Reign In Blood by Slayer 9. The Colour Of Spring by Talk Talk 10. EVOL by Sonic Youth 11. Black Celebration by Depeche Mode 12. Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi 13. Parade by Prince And The Revolution 14. Raising Hell by Run-. 15. Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? by Megadeth 16. True Blue by Madonna 17. Invisible Touch by Genesis 18. Scoundrel Days by a-ha 19. Brotherhood by New Order 20. Victorialand by Cocteau Twins

Ellard has worked on a side project, Coklacoma, which released a few albums in the late 1990s and early 2000s. By 2004, he was heavily involved with developing video but increasingly felt that the Severed Heads label was a thing of the past, and in 2008 opted to jettison the name. Ellard also worked extensively during the 1990s with other Sydney-based electronic musicians and groups such as Paul Mac (of Itch-E and Scratch-E ) and Boxcar , former alumni of the now-defunct Volition label, as well as The Lab .

Some theories being considered included that the feet belonged to the victims of a boat or plane crash, a killer or were even the remains of those who died in the Asian tsunami.

Cover: Very little damage, has price sticker on front and old VIBES sticker on back, see pics. Cover has a light ding in back cover, see pics
Sleeve: White Sleeve
Vinyl: Very good condition. May have the odd crackle and pop, Very Good + at least. 

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Severed Heads - Gashing The Old Mae WestSevered Heads - Gashing The Old Mae WestSevered Heads - Gashing The Old Mae WestSevered Heads - Gashing The Old Mae West