Trouble fait' / rue tabac gars - l'odeur des pavés

Disclaimer: Please note that accurate information about who created a fragrance is very hard to come by. I make no claims about the accuracy of anything listed here! Many thanks to everyone who has kindly sent in additions or corrections.

Q) I dreamt a weird dream I dreamt that I was pregnant by the man I love before marriage but my parents were supporting me. I was in the hospital's toliet and the water broke. I was searching for my doctor, i don't know how I ended up on the sugery chair and the baby was coming out with out pain or yelling a baby boy and the man I love kept on disappearing but he was there. I went to his dad in his house on my own to show them his grandchild. he mentioned that return the money first and I was like what money. I felt so rejected and that his son dint tell them and then I woke up. What does that mean ? I'm not married. We do talk and see each other !!! His dad knows about me but my parents don't know anything about him. we r serious about each other !! 
A) The dream shows a negative sign on that man and his family. I suggest that you finish your illegal relationship because this may ruin your life. Tell your parents to look for someone for you to marry.

Q) I saw a dream that i am remarrying to my husband in our new house and our house is full of our relatives and friends i am wearing red colored bride dress the same one which i wore in my first wedding. 
A) Good dream. You need to look at what are the expectations of your husband and be obedient. Set up a quran/ zikr time daily. 

Q) Please give me a dua or wazifa to become successful in my new tijarat [business] and become loved by my families and my parents and cousin.
A) Read tahajjud, read lot of istighfaar, open early in the morning and read 4 rakaats ishraaq 15 mins after sunrise.

Q) I dreamt that my Hindu friend told me that from his scriptures, he could see that he would be the father of one son. In real life, he already has a son...In my dream, I replied to him that from Quran, I cannot see such things for me. Interpretation plz. 
A) You should distant yourself from non muslim`s invitation, sitting with and talking freely with them. 

Q) I dreamt of a muslim man having the red thread that hindus wear around their wrist on his does this mean? 
A) One should preserve one`s imaan and read kalimah a lot daily. Keep distance from non muslims. Be polite, diplomatic but not close friends.

Q) I dreamt that i'm pulling out a roll of plastic bag from mouth but it wouldn't end.
A) One should control the wordings that one pronounces. Backbiting and accusations, lies should be avoided.

Q) I dreamt of the Kabaa. With the black cloth and golden arabic writings on it. Does it mean anything? 
A) Yes. Insha Allah Ta`ala you will go for Hajj.

Q) I dreamt of a black snake coming towards me. What does that mean? 
A) Enemy. Read the protection duas and give some sadaqahs.

Q) I dreamt that my mum is to perform umrah in very few days? I felt very happy coz my mum is a widow and has no sons and is waiting for a mahram. she has with great difficulty saved a lot of money to perform hajj one day. how do you interpret this?
A) Insha Allah she will go for hajj soon. 

Q) I dreamt that while she was frying something my mother's 2 fingers were cut and were literally fried. can you please interprete this for me as i'm really scared. 
A) Give sadaqah. Give sadaqah. Give sadaqah. Indeed May Allah save your family from pains and sudden death. Ameen. 

Q) I dreamt that all my teeth were falling out. What does that mean? 
A) Aging and physical weakness. Take natural physical boosters.

Q) What is the meaning of dreaming cleaning the house?
A) You should read more Qur-aan, absolutely avoid gossips or hearing gossips and finally read manzil in that house.

Q) I love a muslim boy and we love each other very much and we both want to get married after just 2 years; when he gets a job and settles down. But there is a problem in his sex. His sex pains all the time and the dr. said that pain goes if u have sex. Is it permissable to have sex in this case?
A) No. Haraam. Completely haraam. Only after nikah.

Q) I finished my Nikah in Last Month. She is living with her parents and the wedding will be in August 2016. My issue is that i saw my wife before my Nikah and i spoke with her. After nikah, when i saw her, she is not like the lady which i saw before my Nikah. Completely different from her speaking, behavior, her face. After two days, i express my problem with my sister and she felt the same what i felt. I tried a lot to convince me that she is your wife and i have to love here and take care very well. But, i could not accept all these things and i feel too much pain in mind. My wife is liking me too much and she is interested on me very well. Please help me what i will do on this subject. I completely changed a lot, i cannot sleep very well and very lazy in all my subject. 
A) After nikah, shaitaan makes effort to dispel happiness of the couple. But you need to perform 5 daily prayers and keep faith in Allah and try to look after the wife. Shaitaan always shows haraam as beautiful and halaal as ugly.

Q) One of my mother's friend dreamt that my mother was wearing a white dress but with some brown spots. Can you interpret plz? 
A) Your mother should avoid public gosips and talks. Be brief in talking and be more at home.

Q) My father tried to rape my sister. What should I do? Can i leave him?
A)You should try to look for a safe place to live. Go to your grand mother mother`s side. Or to your mother.

Q) I dreamt that a couple of jinns in a room were going to harm and I was scared....then I remembered that I can recite 1st Kalima & was no more scared. Plz interpret. 
A) Read Qur-aan aloud in that place.

Q) I dreamt that my parents were talking against me and heard my brother saying they should get me engaged to the boy whom he knows. 
A) You should be more in house and less communicative to outside world. Restrict your chats to only your girl cousins and your mahrams.

Q) I am married to a man who has got four children. They are all adults and two are married. I want to know my duty and my rights towards them. 
A) They are your mahrams and you cannot marry them. There is no obligation on you towards them. They need to respect you as a mother in law

Q) I'm married. I was having problems with my husband. During that time i was supported by a male colleague who is married as well. We started to become very close and have feeling for each other. We did istikarah to know whether we may be together. I did for me and my husband and on the first day i dreamt of my husband with a white shirt, on second day i dreamt of a green object. I did namaaz for me and the person and on first day i dreamt about a red object, second day i saw a girl dressed in black crying as she was unhappy, third day i dreamt of a red object, forth day of a white car and fifth day of red object. The person also did istikarah and he saw me in a white dress and a white room, then on other days he saw black things. Can u please interprete the dreams we saw and guide us.
A) You shoud stay with your husband. Leave and distant yourself from the other guy. If possible change dept in your work. 

Q) I dreamt my husband is having an affair with another women. Can you please interprete.
A) From shaitaan. Read Arouzoubillahi...

Q) I had a nightmare where my cousin confessed that she had strangled her sister in a fit of anger. i found myself in a fix whether i should expose her. Meaning?
A) It means that there may be family discords coming. So give sadaqah and live without great comments with family ties.

Q) I dreamt that a beautiful girl in her early twenties with pale skin was telling me each time that she is my mother. I told her that my mom is older etc but she insisted that she is my mom. Interpretation please. 
A) Should be more careful and obedient to parents even after marriage.

Q) I dreamt I was walking nude in public...Then when I realised this, I went to hide under a table....Could you please interpret?
A) It means that your clothing are too tight and you should also wear under clothing.

Q) I have semen leakage problem, plz if you have some solution plz help me. 
A) Do consult a doctor or an urologist for that medical problem. We advise that you bring your food consumption on natural and raw food. Eat ''Gramme'' daily and do physical exercise for 30 minutes everyday. Else on a masla point of view, wuzu break on abnormal semen dripping. If it drips continuously, then do a wuzu on every azaan time. The wouzou will not break if it drips between that salaah time (. Zohr salaah time). But one need to redo wouzou for the next salaah time. One may read salaah with drippings in the underwear or tissues while suffering medically. 

Q) Mo ena 1 problem avec mo etude ki a chaque foi mo comoposer mo pa passer, mo faire maximum mo capave et plus mo lire mo banne doa mai mo return back., i dnt no wat to do. this yr is the lst 1 so plz help me..
A) Pas tous dimoune briller dans tous secteurs. Ou capave douer dans les zotes kitsozes. Donc essayer sa l`annee la, sinon essaye pou devellope banne les zotes profession qui ena trait avec la pratique.

Q) I commit a sin called zina. Every time i commit this sin i regret afterwards and make tawbah. After some time i do it again, regret and ask tawbah again. What should i do to stop this sinful act?
A) Fast continuously. Go out for four months jamat. At least, during this period of time you'll stay away from this sin and your environment will improve. Many people, who were committing this sin, changed through jamat.

Q) Dreaming much often of toilet, seeing oneself (faire besoin) in toilet. Please give me its significance.
A) This means that you will become richer and dunya will come to you. But you should now focus more time and money for your investment in aakhirat since you will be well off. Too much time in toilet is not good. Take a rest from dunya and go for 40 days jamaat and stay for whole Ramadhaan I`tiqaaf is a good pause for your spiritual health. 

Q) What does it mean if you dream someone frequently? 
A) Depends in what circumstances you are dreaming of him/her. More details should be given.

Q) I dreamt all my teeth are falling out. Many times I have had such dreams, Any interpretation? 
A) One should take care of one`s spiritual and physical health. In fact teeth falling out is an indication that one`s diet and way of living is causing ill effect on the body. Then one should not talk bad of others since this is detrimental to spirituality. After wuzu, stand up and drink from the tap of water. 

Q) I dream of having a car accident frequently.. what does this mean ? 
A) Are you married? what work do you do?

Q) I am being oppressed by my boy friend's family.. what should i do ? My boyfriend was beaten up by his father and he kept him locked inside the house. His father even threatened to kill us if we meet .. 
A) We advise that you follow your parents wish. Still your dua to meet your boy friend also is not acceptable since it is haraam to meet outside nikah. Since the situation is deplorable, then step back and inshA Allah you will have another one as your pair. Read 5 times daily salaats and tahajuds. 

Q) Is it advisable to let an unused house to a non-muslim? 
A) Permissible. Put these clauses in the contract: 
No construction of idols on the property. 
No right to sell liquor. 
No right to use as temple. 
No right to sublet.
No right to cause disturbance to neighbour or any distortion in the use of property.
No right to perform religious activities on the property.
Should you contravene these clause, then consider this contract null and void. 

Q) Is it permissible for men to remove chest hair (permanently) till belly? 
A) Not advisable. 

Q) My husband had a bad dream about my little daughter of 3 years last night. The next morning she voimitted for about 2 hours. what do you advise us? 
A) Read the duas for protection on the child every morming and blow on her. Ou'eezouki bikalimatilla..... 

Q) I saw a scorpion in my bathroom last week then today i dreamt of a scorpion walking on me. any meaning ? 
A) Scorpion is ennemy. Read the last 3 surahs frequently for protection.

Q) Is thinking of doing something wrong a sin, just like you did it?
A) No. Evil thoughts are not sins normally. But thinking bad of a person or having evil thoughts of someone, then istighfaar should be done. Because the Qur-aan says that some thoughts are sins. The hadith of Muslim shareef says that ''It is sufficient as a sin to think low of your muslim brother.'' As such, thoughts are sins. 

Q) My mother in law had the following dream. She took my six year old son to some place (actually a house where a deceased family used to live long ago) and she went inside leaving him outside. She thought he would be ok and know his way. Then while inside she realised it was a mistake and went to fetch him. But he had disappeared and she searched for him in vain. Any meaning to this nightmare?
A) She should be spending more time in making zikr and salaah. Tell her to read at least one quarter parah daily and read the following zikr: 100 times Allahoummaghfirli in the morning and at night 100 times. Dourouds in the morning and at night 100 times. Soubhanallahi wal Hamdoulillahi walaa ilaaha illallahou Allahou Akbar in the morning and at night.

Q) I am a girl and i have a lot of pimples, spots, scars on my face, i used so mny things but there's no change until now, so what can i do and read in order to have great satisfaction,..because im ashamed to go out and face people as my face is too ugly with this..
A) First of all do not be ashamed of something that is not sinful. The prescription of the holy prophet (saw) to anybody sick is sabr and patience. It is said that any pain or bodily sickness wash away sins until one becomes sinless. But do note that sinful is to expose one`s face in front of non mahrams. Take it as a call from Allah Ta`ala to veil yourself. Nonetheless, note that olive oil is used to apply on face and whole body. Do cupping on your back and as per prescribed. A lady only may do cupping on you. Smell the scent of Oud. And also do drink Parafin oil or Tepson salts to cleanse stomach. Else do not miss to read the last 3 sourahs (Ahad, Falaq and Naas) and blow on your hands and then pass them on your face and body. Do it 3 times after Fajr, Maghrib and before sleeping. You may continue even if your are not reading salaah.

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1. Juni schottish -folk&ravn (mappe 33, side 34).
1910 (mappe 48, side 78).
1966 - sekstur (mappe 29, side 46).
2 pars engelsk. (mappe 55, side 61)
2 thuer -10 (mappe FD5, side X/4,14)
25 røde roser (mappe p2, side 5)
250:- kr. valsen (mappe FD5, side X/16)
3 tuur -6 (mappe FD5, side X/7,11)
40 års polka til kjell - (mappe 24, side 91).
6/8 en re -Ddur - Quebec (mappe 40, side 263).
6/8 en sol -Gdur - Quebec (mappe 40, side 266).
6-dages valsen 12 30 (Imudico)

A Banda 21 16 (Imudico)
A big hunk O'love (mappe 42, side 94).
A bird in a gilded cage -vals (mappe 49, side 57). Midi
A Blast Of Wind 80 (O'Neill's)
A blossom fell (mappe 8, side 40).
A bonnie, wee lassie (mappe 17a, side 58).
A Bright May Morning 100 (O'Neill's)
A Bunch Of Haws 84 (O'Neill's)
A certain smile 3 32 (Imudico)
A Cloudy Morning 121 (O'Neill's)
A dear John letter 14 40 (Imudico)
A Draught Of Ale 41 (O'Neill's)
A dream is a wish -askepot (mappe 25, side 52)
A Fig For A Kiss 88 (O'Neill's)
A Fig for a kiss -slip jig (mappe 56, side 85)
A foggy day 14 31 (Imudico)
A guy is a guy (mappe 26, side 64).
A Ha' Penny For A Cotton Ball 110 (O'Neill's)
A handful of songs 11 4 (Imudico)
A hard day's night 7 2 (Imudico)
A highland lad my love was born (mappe 7, side 51).
A hå spuer, dæ skuld væ lieg 214 ,(Mappe: FD2)
A kiss to build a dream on (mappe 25, side 23). Midi
A Kiss To Build A Dream On 34 50 (Imudico)
A la derive (mappe 19, side 156). Midi
A little bit more 8 56 (Imudico)
A little bitty tear 10 15 (Imudico)
A little spanish town (mappe 23, side 28).
A Man and a Woman 33 40 (Imudico)
A man without love (mappe 8, side 11).
A Maria-valtzer lento. (mappe 54, side 50)
A media luz (mappe 19, side 129). Midi
A media luz (Nr. 52), Mappe 2s
A media luz (PM)
A Merry Christmas 32 (O'Neill's)
A Moonlight Ramble 144 (O'Neill's)
A Night At The Fair 23 (O'Neill's)
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square 24 10 (Imudico)
A parigi -musettevals. (mappe 54, side 94)
A perfect day 25 30 (Imudico)
A Place In The Sun 43 21 (Imudico)
A Prize For The Ladies 213 (O'Neill's)
A pub with no beer (mappe 22, side 73).
A Pub with no beer 25 37 (Imudico)
A rose in june (mappe 5, side 39). Midi
A Silver Dollar 43 38 (Imudico)
A Sporting Bachelor 33 (O'Neill's)
A Stranger From Limerick 196 (O'Neill's)
A Sweet Old Fashioned Gid 24 52 (Imudico)
A Taste of Honey 29 11 (Imudico)
A teenager in love 17 24 (Imudico)
A trip to dublin -Ian holmes (mappe 21, side 119)
A Trip To The Cottage 25 (O'Neill's)
A tænkte på at gifte mig 174 ,(Mappe: FD2)
A vil dans' med Mett' Mari. (mappe 55, side 66)
A Visit To Ireland 21 (O'Neill's)
A walk in the black forest (mappe 8, side 59).
A waltz for angus fitchet -Ian holmes (mappe 21, side 118)
A Well Respected Man 52 2 (Imudico)
A whiter shade of pale (SØS 1, side 220).
A whiter shade of pale 8 19 (Imudico)
A woman in love (mappe 49, side 38).
.-visen (mappe 47, side 18).
ABC (mappe 41, side 119).
ABC 138 (Så synger vi)
Abelone (mappe F3, side 1).
Aben -der var engang en abe (mappe 18, side 8).
Abends auf dem Niederrhein, Walzer (mappe 35, side 60).
Aber Heidschi Bumbeidshi 33 68 (Imudico)
Abide with me (mappe 17b, side 262).
Abigail Judge 232 (O'Neill's)
Abilene (mappe B1, side 82)
Abraham sad i Mamrelund (mappe 41, side 53).
Abraham sad i Mamrelund 64 (Så synger vi)
Acadian two step (mappe 24, side 108).
Acadian twostep -cajun (mappe 3, side 78).
Accordeon (mappe 27, side 26).
Accordeon bohemien (mappe 27, side 37).
Accordeon-paraden (mappe 22, side 8).
Accordeon-polka (mappe 31, side 31).
Accordeon-samba (mappe 31, side 71).
Accordion fever- foxtrot (mappe 29, side 18).
Accordion master (mappe 14, side 33)
Ach so fromm, ach so traut aus "Martha (mappe 35, side 54).
Ach wie ist's möglich dann (mappe 0 -klassisk, side 1).
Ach, du lieber Augustin 40 21 (Imudico)
Ach, ich hab' sie doch nur auf die schulter gekusst (mappe 6, side 37).
Ach, ich hab' sie doch nur auf die schulter geküsst (PM)
Ach, wie ist's moglich dann (mappe 17a, side 88).
Achille, le poteau (mappe 1, side 19). Midi
Achos Arnigo 30 54 (Imudico)
Ack, som ett fjun så latt (SØS 1, side 132).
Ack, varmeland, du skøna (SØS 1, side 10).
Ack, Värmeland, du sköna (mappe 47, side 19).
Ack, Värmeland, du sköna 38 64 (Imudico)
Acqua brillante -polka. (mappe 54, side 95)
Acrobat's clog (mappe 29, side 97).
Act Naturally 41 42 (Imudico)
Adagio (beethoven) (mappe 43, side 40).
Addio, donna grazia -lied und tango (mappe 36, side 22).
Adeles lattercouplet (PM)
Adios muchachos (mappe 44, side 124).
Adios muchachos (mappe 6, side 97).
Adios Muchachos 17 50 (Imudico)
Adios muchachos (PM)
Adjø, farvel! for sista gång (SØS 1, side 18).
Admiralens vise fra Pinafore 5 40 (Imudico)
Admiralens vise -pinafore (mappe 48, side 100).
Adolf var af stand velbåren (mappe G2, side 4)
Adureduradur- polkett (mappe 56, side 49)
A-dursvalsen (mappe 38, side 32). Midi
Advent 75 ,(Mappe: FD2)
Af "Drei klavierstücke" (mappe 0 -klassisk, side 50).
Af overturen "Rosamunde" (mappe 0 -klassisk, side 49).
Af schuberts ufuldendte symphoni (mappe 0 -klassisk, side 51).
Afholdssagen 31 8 (Imudico)
Afsked 9 33 (Imudico)
Afsked fra Rio -Skole (mappe 46, side 121).
Aften (Dagen er gået til hvile) 14 ,(Mappe: FD2)
Aften (Stille, hjerte) 19 ,(Mappe: FD2)
Aften paa volden (mappe 26, side 84).
Aftenhymnen (Halelujah) 30 32 (Imudico)
Aftenklokkeme 22 44 (Imudico)
Aftenklokkerne (Gl. NodeAlbum)
Aftenklokkerne -Evening Chimes (mappe 6, side 76). Midi
Aftensang (mappe 25, side 18)
Aftensang 12 ,(Mappe: FD2)
Aftensang -calypso (mappe 42, side 53).
After the bal -vals (mappe 44, side 74).
After the ball 5 34 (Imudico)
After The Sun Goes Down 145 (O'Neill's)
After you've gone (mappe 37, side 149).
After you've gone (mappe 23, side 33).
After you've gone (mappe 8, side 45).
After You've Gone 41 28 (Imudico)
Afton på solvik (mappe 1, side 20). Midi
Afton på solvik (mappe 13, side 11).
Afton på solvik (mappe 16, side 27).
Afton på solvik (Nr. 1) , Mappe 2s.
Afton på solvik- Andrew Walter (mappe 16, side 14).
Afton på solvik -Potp. (mappe 33, side 27/1).
Afton på taveuni -Yngve stoor (mappe 32, side 24).
Afton vid bolmen (mappe 15, side 67)
Afton vid trollsjön -vals (mappe 36, side 18).
Aftontankar vid Fridas rute (mappe 47, side 20).
Agadou (mappe p2, side 72)
Against The Wind 46 44 (Imudico)
Agnes vals (mappe 12, side 41).
Agnes Vals (mappe 2, side 19).
Agnes vals (mappe L1, side 167). Midi
Agnes vals 7 43 (Imudico)
Agnes vals (PM)
Agnete og havmanden (mappe 41, side 196).
Aguardiente -tango. (mappe 54, side 96)
Ah let a go go (mappe F3, side 2).
Ah! Sweet mystery of life (mappe 52, side 63).
Ah! sweet mystery of life (PM)
Aint gonna work tomorrow (mappe 3, side 34).
Ain't Got Nobody 48 5 1 (Imudico)
Ain't misbehavin' (mappe 23, side 29).
Ain't Misbehavin' 18 42 (Imudico)
Ain't she sweet (mappe 23, side 29).
Ain't she sweet (mappe 48, side 91).
Ain't she sweet 18 54 (Imudico)
Ain't That A Shame 38 45 (Imudico)
Air du saguenay - Quebec (mappe 40, side 301).
Ais giorgis -græsk (mappe F1, side 57)
Aj-aj-aj vilken röd liten ros -Jules Sylvain (mappe 27, side 6).
Ajde jano -jugoslavien (mappe F2, side 3)
Ajde lepa maro -jugoslavien (mappe F2, side 19)
Ajle-majns-totur, Bornh., HVT BOG 2. SIDE: 569
Ak kæreste hr. guldsmed (mappe G1, side 4).
Aksel Ømand 6 15 (Imudico)
Al circo -polka. (mappe 54, side 58)
Al den snak (mappe 41, side 132).
Al tirah -israel (mappe F2, side 52)
Alabador (mappe 41, side 93).
Alabador 110 (Så synger vi)
Alabadoster (mappe 41, side 94).
Alabadoster 111 (Så synger vi)
Alabadætter 112 (Så synger vi)
Alasdair downie of appin -Ian holmes (mappe 21, side 131)
Albergo -samba (mappe 36, side 100).
Alby-polka (mappe 28, side 73).
Aldrig mer' må jeg se dig (mappe 2, side 75)
Aldrig mer' må jeg se dig (mappe L2, side 121).
Aldrig mer må jeg se dig 42 39 (Imudico)
Aldrig om Sønda'n (mappe 4, side 58).
Aldrig orn sønda'n 3 28 (Imudico)
Alejamiento Y regreso -TexMex (mappe 40, side 227).
Alexander-marsch (mappe 10, side 83).
Alexander's Hornpipe 193 (O'Neill's)
Alexanders ragtime band (mappe 1, side 58). Midi
Alfie 20 41 (Imudico)
Alfred og Alvilda (mappe G2, side 6).
Alfred på hultet -polkett (mappe 56, side 48)
Alftahambo (mappe 34, side 11).
Algot och Beda (mappe 13, side 27).
Algot och beda -hambo polska (mappe 30, side 55).
Alice (mappe L2, side 1).
Alice 36 48 (Imudico)
Alice blue gown 6 32 (Imudico)
Alice -cajun (mappe 3, side 62).
Alice's Restaurant 49 25 (Imudico)
Alice's restaurant -A. Guthrie (Guitaren1).
All american promenade -amerika (mappe F1, side 53)
All around my hat (mappe 6, side 7). Midi
All around my hat (Guitaren1).
All Covered With Moss 23 (O'Neill's)
All god's chillun (mappe 51, side 15).
All Hands Around 93 (O'Neill's)
All I do is dream of you 6 33 (Imudico)
All I have to do is dream (mappe 51, side 16).
All I have to give (mappe 53, side 1).
All My Loving 25 13 (Imudico)
All night long -cajun (mappe 34, side 122).
All night, all day (mappe F3, side 114).
All of me (mappe 23, side 28).
All of me 11 23 (Imudico)
All people that on earth do dwell (mappe 17b, side 263).
All the pretty little horses (mappe 11, side 80).
All the things you are (mappe 29, side 35).
All the things you are 12 5 (Imudico)
All through the night (mappe 11, side 61).
All through the night (mappe 17a, side 53).
All through the night (mappe 17a, side 75).
All You Need Is Love 32 6 (Imudico)
Alla fula fiskars hambo (mappe 34, side 4).
Alla fågler kommit re'n (SØS 1, side 31).
Alla vackra jäntors hambo (mappe 16, side 47)
Alle anemonemænd (mappe 56, side 148)
Alle disse år (mappe p2, side 45)
Alle går rundt og forelsker sig 24 38 (Imudico)
Alle går rundt og forelsker sig -fra film af samme navn. (mappe 54, side 1)
Alle mann hadde fota (mappe 18, side 107).
Alle mann hadde fota -Skole (mappe 46, side 93).
Alle mine længsler 144 ,(Mappe: FD2)
Alle mod alle 41 46 (Imudico)
Alle piger små (mappe L2, side 133).
Alle pigers polka nr. 10 (mappe 56, side 47)
Alle pi'r og drenge (mappe F3, side 3).
Alle på nær lille Ingeborg 47 24 (Imudico)
Alle ser ned -kartoffel folket (KF, side 13)
Alle skal synge, det er parolen (mappe 41, side 80).
Alle skal vi synge 95 (Så synger vi)
Alle ting har en ende (mappe 18, side 59).
Alle venner hør nu her (mappe B1, side 28)
Alle venter på sommer -calypso-fox (mappe 44, side 147).
Alle vogel sind schon da (mappe 17a, side 104).
Allegheny moon (mappe 8, side 43).
Allegheny Moon 32 24 (Imudico)
Allegra quadriglia -quadriglia. (mappe 54, side 73)
Allegretto -F. Carulli ,40 (Guitaren1).
Allemagasej -1987 (mappe FD4, side 39).
Allemagasej. (mappe 55, side 73)
Alley Cat 3 15 (Imudico)
Alley cat song (mappe 8, side 43).
Allmogehambo (mappe 15, side 93)
Allmogeschottis (mappe 27, side 94).
Allmogesväng - hambo (mappe 34, side 26).
Allons a lafayette -cajun (mappe 3, side 66).
Allons a lafayette -cajun (mappe 34, side 147).
Allons a lafayette -cajun (mappe 39, side 205).
Allons A lafayette -cajun-violin (mappe 42, side 115).
Alltid hos dej -slowfox (mappe 34, side 85).
Almindelig sekstur (mappe 30, side 86).
Alo-ahe (mappe 3, side 1).
Aloha Oe (mappe 2, side 14).
Aloha Oe (mappe L1, side 170). Midi
Aloha Oe (mappe L2, side 167).
Aloha Oe 23 17 (Imudico)
Aloha Oe (Waltzes).
Alone 43 46 (Imudico)
Alouette (mappe 47, side 21).
Alouette 42 47 (Imudico)
Alpen echo (mappe 22, side 57). Midi
Alpen echo (Nr. 2) , Mappe 2s
Alpenrosen (aka: rhododendrons) -Landler (Mappe 36 side 7). Midi
Alperosen (mappe 9, side 16).
Alperosen (mappe G2, side 10).
Alperosen 7 50 (Imudico)
Alperosen -PotP. (mappe 48, side 128).
Alpkurtis -schottis (mappe 38, side 125). Midi
Alsinger Kontra, Stolbro, Sdr. J., HVT BOG : 313
Alsinger sekstur (mappe 30, side 86).
Alsinger sekstur (mappe 55, side 170)
Alsinger Sekstur, Stolbro, Sdr. J., HVT BOG : 312
Alt det med guld og grønne skove 1 30 (Imudico)
Alt er stille -kanon (mappe 17b, side 226).
Alt for længe til i morgen 9 23 (Imudico)
Alt hvad jeg er -Lilholt (mappe 20, side 83)
Alt hvad jeg vil ønske mig (mappe 9, side 43).
Alt, så trækker vi trøjen af. (mappe 55, side 63)
Alte kameraden (mappe 22, side 7).
Alter tanz (mappe 10, side 73).
Altid frejdig, når du går (mappe 41, side 52).
Altid frejdig, når du går 16 ,(Mappe: FD2)
Altid frejdig, når du går 63 (Så synger vi)
Altid om dagen -fra filmen: "Fem raske piger". (mappe 54, side 2)
Altid vil jeg mindes denne aften 160 ,(Mappe: FD2)
Alting 14 20 (Imudico)
Alting er solskin (mappe 11, side 16).
Alting er solskin 29 43 (Imudico)
Alting får jo en ende (mappe 6, side 86).
Alting får jo en ende 12 70 (Imudico)
Altwiener tanzlied -Skole (mappe 46, side 46).
Alunelul -rumænien (mappe F2, side 49)
Alvorna dansa- Carl Jularbo (mappe 14, side 29)
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life 39 6 (Imudico)
Always True To You In My Fashion 32 4 (Imudico)
Always Welcome 211 (O'Neill's)
Am meer (mappe 0 -klassisk, side 12).
Amager polka -1849 (mappe 48, side 35).
Amagergildet (mappe L1, side 4). Midi
Amagergildet 183 ,(Mappe: FD2)
Amagergildet 33 22 (Imudico)
Amanda Lundbom -Skole (mappe 46, side 48).
Amanda og Herman (mappe G2, side 12).
Amapola (mappe 1, side 34).
Amapola 33 38 (Imudico). Midi
Amarillo -is this the way to (mappe 52, side 33).
Amazing grace (mappe 12, side 52).
Amazing grace (mappe 48, side 107).
Amazing grace (mappe 8, side 44).
Amazing Grace (mappe L1, side 185).
Amazing grace (SØS 1, side 53).
Amazing Grace 1 35 (Imudico)
Amen (mappe 17b, side 167).
Amen (mappe 47, side 22).
America The Beautiful 39 62 (Imudico)
America -vals (mappe 49, side 80).
American dream (mappe 51, side 44).
American jazz (Gl. NodeAlbum)
American Patrol 18 52 (Imudico)
American patrol (PM)
American wooden shoe polka (mappe 22, side 6). Midi

Trouble Fait' / Rue Tabac Gars - L'Odeur Des PavésTrouble Fait' / Rue Tabac Gars - L'Odeur Des PavésTrouble Fait' / Rue Tabac Gars - L'Odeur Des PavésTrouble Fait' / Rue Tabac Gars - L'Odeur Des Pavés