Capital hell - vow of tension

(**NOTE - Here Paul compares the entry rite of Judaism, circumcision, with the new entry rite of Christianity, baptism.  Jewish children were circumcised and entered Judaism on the eighth day their life)

The Shape of Water leads the film nominees with seven, followed by The Post and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri with six apiece.

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While on a voyage to Pleasure Island , which has dealings with Neverland , Captain Hook and his pirate crew happen upon a pair of King George's men about to murder a shepherd named Robert , who's been tied to a supply cart. They are surrounded by bags of money - a bribe from the King to carry out this dark deed - and so Hook runs one of them through from behind with his cutlass, then launching a dagger into the back of the other when he tries to run away. He is happy that they'll now be able to take all the reward money for themselves, while Robert is ever so grateful for the pirate having saved his life. However, Hook asks why he would do a foolish thing like that, pointing out that the shepherd just saw him kill the King's men. Robert assures that he has no love for the King and that he won't tell anyone, merely wanting to get home to his family. Hook even believes this... but he also believes that dead men tell no tales, and so he runs Robert through with his cutlass as well. As the money is continually pilfered, he orders his men to find a place to hide this poor departed soul. (" Murder Most Foul ")

Vulcans mate normally any time they want to. However, every seven years you do the ritual, the ceremony, the whole thing. The biological urge. You must, but any other time is any other emotion—humanoid emotion—when you're in love. When you want to, you know when the urge is there, you do it. This every-seven-years business was taken too literally by too many people who don't stop and understand. We didn't mean it only every seven years. I mean, every seven years would be a little bad, and it would not explain the Vulcans of many different ages that are not seven years apart. [3]

Locals are unhappy with Merkel’s decision to hold the summit in the center of Germany’s second-largest city to show healthy democracies could tolerate protests, as they are worried about property damage by leftist militants.

 · Can you guess the UK's drink driving capital ? We reveal the ten hotspots and the occupations most likely to be caught. Review of more than 7 million ...

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Capital Hell - Vow Of TensionCapital Hell - Vow Of TensionCapital Hell - Vow Of TensionCapital Hell - Vow Of Tension